The Key to Peace…

“There is no fear in love, for perfect love drives out fear...”. (1 John 4:18).

The following excerpt impressed me deeply. For many, a new academic year is beginning, and so perhaps it has special relevance for them, though its truth is timeless:

“…to preserve peace, one single thing would suffice: to live by faith, especially to believe in the consoling dogma of the love of God and of His constant, solicitous providence. We should need nothing more. ‘What will tomorrow bring? What will happen to me this year? Will it be better or worse than last year?’. Idle questions, useless forebodings. I know only one thing: that today as yesterday, that tomorrow as today, that this year as last, God loves me, and He loves me as my heart yearns to be loved – no, much more than I dare aspire to. I know that during this year as in the past, I shall continue to live in the arms and in the Heart of Jesus, and that He, with incomparable solicitude, will rule over all things including each detail of my life, designing all for my good and for my happiness.”. Luis M. Martinez (1881-1956), Archbishop of Mexico City; from Only Jesus, Cluny Media, Providence, 2020, p.23.

Certainly we are loved perfectly, for what more could God do for us than what He has already done? What more could He give us than his very Life poured out for love of us, unworthy as we are?

What is needed is faith; faith to believe and trust that love! And even that faith is a gift! Let us ask and ask again for an increase in faith to believe all that has been revealed to us of that amazing Love, and to be enabled to receive it even as it has so generously been given.

“I do believe, Lord…help thou my unbelief!

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