Welcome to Love School…

So what is “Love School”?

It is the normal Christian’s life.

It is learning and growing in our experience of being loved by God.  And it is learning and growing in the call to love others as Jesus loves us.
As in all human learning and growing, there are starts and stops, mistakes, refusals and resistance, as well as mastery and transformation. 

To love what God loves, to love whom God loves, this is the aim of “love school”.  My baptism, my conversion is my entry, my “matriculation” into God’s school of love.  The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Love, is my “tutor” who oversees my curriculum.  Each lesson is made with love, for love, accompanied by Love Himself.  Trust and obdience are keys to success in this school, and the habit of gratitude makes for light work.

I want to share some of the struggles and challenges, insights and ongoing learning from my experience thus far in Love School.  Perhaps you might also be encouraged, inspired or fortified for your own journey, for sometimes the lessons are hard.  Sometimes we chafe at the process, or protest against the means God uses to teach us.  We must always remember, though, Whom it is who accompanies us:
“… having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end.” John 13:1

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