What’s the Deal with the Virgin Mary?…

Okay, so I’m wanting to post this episode of Fr Mike Schmitz’s clear and immensely helpful series regarding what the Catholic Church officially teaches about Mary. However, YouTube isn’t letting me make a direct link, sorry. You’ll have to go on YouTube and put “The Catechism in a Year, Day 69” in the search button…

Despite the glitch, I’m doing this so that (1) those who are unsure or confused about what the Catholic Church actually teaches can get clarification; and (2) those who think they know already what the Church teaches may perhaps have their wrong ideas corrected.

My own struggle to enter the Church was primarily a struggle to understand the Church’s official teachings about Mary, this woman whom I had never thought much about except at Christmas. I had many false, distorted, outright wrong notions of Catholic views of the Blessed Virgin, and because of these, I resisted entering the Church for many years despite my growing desire to do so.

When I finally began studying the Catechism, my missgivings started to melt away. I didn’t have all my questions answered before I said my “yes” to the Church; there was still a big step of faith to be made. However, I am incredibly grateful to God for leading me as He did (and still does). Best of all, I discovered that I have an actual spiritual Mother in Mary, an unexpected gift to a reluctant convert!

I’m still uncomfortable with a strain of Catholic devotional practice which is unbalanced regarding Mary. (Several priests I know have said this same thing to me.). However, understanding Mary’s place in the salvation that Jesus has won for us is crucial: it tells us in greater depth how generous and humble is our God; it shows us the wise plan God has had in place since the beginning of time; and it reveals just how much He loves and treasures each one of us. God’s desire is for each of us to say our own “yes” to Him as Mary did. Then we also shall experience the “… greatness of the Lord…” and the “great things” which God wants to do “for me”. (See Luke 1:46-55).

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