Christmas 2022…

“To come into the world, God does not need blameless people, perfect men and women; he only needs men and women ready to accept him just as they are.  This is the only condition God puts in order to bring about salvation history: only that we welcome him.  It matters little if we’re nothing but a stable, and our heart a manger.  It matters, however, that we open wide the stable and make room in the manger.  He accomplishes the rest with his presence.”                                                     Quote from Father Luigi Maria Epicoco  

Open the doors of your life, messy though it might be inside.  Make room for this Jesus to come in – even a little at first – for he longs to enter and have you come to know his sweet friendship.  He makes himself small, humble, accessible and winsome as a little baby.  We can feel safe in his presence, not intimidated by the Almighty Maker of the Universe. For he has emptied himself in order that we might be enabled to receive him.

Invite him in.  Love has come to us. He is trustworthy, faithful, merciful and kind. Don’t let fear cheat you out of the life that Jesus can create in and for you.

This is why he came.  This is what Christmas is all about.                 

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