Watch the Rescue Project!

Excellent and free to watch. 9 captivating videos by Father John Riccardo including: “Why is There Something Rather Than Nothing?”, “The Enemy is the Enemy “, “What Has God Done About It?”, etc..

Highly recommended! Fr Riccardo is an engaging speaker, really easy and enjoyable to listen to. I recommend the third one regarding the enemy of our souls, to help us get wise to his tactics in our lives. I especially recommend the fifth one entitled “What Has God Done About It?”. It is a powerful, riveting, uplifting description of what Jesus was really doing on the Cross. Fr Riccardo describes Jesus as an “ambush predator”, an image which just might change forever your view of the Crucifixion (it did mine!). Do yourself a favor and spend the time to watch. I’m doing it over many days, and each day gets better and better.

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